Top productivity apps for entrepreneurs to manage their business life

As an entrepreneur one must involve in multiple business activities in daily routine. To increase productivity with ease of access one can use these apps for entrepreneurs to manage business activities even on the go.

There are a number of business apps available in the market offering different features. Some are paid while others offer both free and paid versions. The list below covers various aspects of a businessman life covering accounting, communication, time management, and payments applications.

Apps for entrepreneurs

Top mobile apps for entrepreneurs for business management


QuickBooks App

It is an accounting software application which helps to track, record and manage all finance activities for your company. This includes sales, expenses, salaries, vendors, and even create financial statements at year end. You can seamlessly integrate external payment sources and bank accounts to upload the required data automatically. QuickBook is paid application and you can buy the license to make your life easier.

Some other apps in competition with QuickBooks are Gusto, and Wave.



One of famous app and used widely even during our routine life. The video-conferencing feature let the app sky rocket at its first launch. With millions of installs at multiple platforms Skype App is most popular application in communication section.

Multiple supporting features attracts the businessman to use Skype during business meetings, file sharing, video and voice calls, IMs, etc. Recently some other apps also hit the market and are successful enough to make consumer base namely Fuze and Pushover.

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Rescue Time App

The app tracks your time automatically which you spent during various activities and then send you a complete report about how you spend your time during the whole day. RescueTime lets you set alerts to stop yourself wasting time say on Facebook, YouTube, or any other activity.
Some other names to manage your daily time and activities includes Omnifocus, and TripIt you can consider both according to your needs.


Trello App

It is a project management app which lets you track the workflow of your team. You can create assignments and tasks then add team members on it. Moreover, one can also share attachments, due dates, checklists, and label tasks with different notes. Trello also send an update notification whenever employer or manager changes or update a tasks.


Evernote App

Evernote helps an entrepreneur or business person to organize notes efficiently. It is available for multiple platforms, one can share, create personal or business to-do-lists. Setup reminders and notes and sync all the items across mobile and desktop platform.

Final Words

There are much more apps available in the market to seamlessly manage your business activities, however, we have hand picked only those apps which are widely used by entrepreneurs worldwide. If you use all or some of the above apps, it will help a lot to increase your productivity and efficiency. We are hopeful that this guide will help a lot to new entrepreneurs if you think that we missed any perspective in this article, then must share it in the comments section.

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