Some best apps for toddlers to start learning while playing fun games

Kids needs some sort of media engagement as they grow to start learn and understand different aspects of their life. Apps for toddlers can help to save a catch for busy parents and let your child have some fun along with basic education. Parents are often worry about whether this type of engagement is fine for a kid or not?

Most of teachers recommend technology engagement as far as they can help your child learn. Kids and toddlers learn and engage best with their parents, in that stage parents can use different type of apps to play along with child if they can give some time to educate their kids. Here is a list of apps for toddlers which covers various aspects of education and gaming needs.

Apps for toddlers

Popular Learning apps for toddlers

Toddlers flashcards

Toddlers flashcards App

It helps to learn your child various names covering animals, foods, letters, numbers with sound effects. With a paid version ($1.99) you can access multiple languages. Download from iTunes



It is a problem solving app where your child have to do a variety of tasks which then build a Duplo train.

Download from AppStore or Play Store

Shapes App

Shapes App

An application which help kids to learn names of different shapes and colors and then differentiate between sizes. Download from AppStore

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Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo App

It is an interactive picture book type app to help kids learn animal names with 21 cute cartoons to engage kids and help them memorize things easily. It is a paid app at $2.99. Download at AppStore or Play Store

Play PBS Kids

Play PBS Kids App

The app helps to learn your kid about letters, shapes, and other basic mathematical concepts. You can download it multiple platforms. Download from App Store, Play Store or from Amazon

Laugh and Learn Animal Sounds

Laugh and Learn Animal Sounds App

This application aims to teach kids learn the names of different animals along with the names of sound they make. The app is available for multiple devices and platforms. Download from App Store, Play Store, or Amazon

Tozzle Lite

Tozzle Lite App

Helps your kid to recognize shapes with puzzle pictures, child have to complete the picture with helpful sound effects. Download it from iTunes

ABCmouse App
It is a popular platform helping kids from 2-8 yrs to learn and develop math and reading skills. It is developed by experts teachers covering various academic levels. Download from Play Store or App Store

Top gaming apps for toddlers

Toca Kitchen Monster

Toca Kitchen Monster App

Kids have to prepare food for a monster and then feed the friendly character. This is a free application forever. Download from App Store

Kids Balloon Pop Game Free

Kids Balloon Pop Game Free App

Child have to pop the balloon while playing while different backgrounds with animals and shapes help to understand and identify different aspects. Download from Play Store or App Store

Coloring Games: Color Book

Coloring Games: Color Book App

This app helps a child to develop creativity and understand the objects around them attentively while developing an artist within them. It also provides opportunity to learn various types of landscapes and objects around the world. Download from Play Store

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