How Autodesk Sketchbook is useful for pro’s to build awesome designs

Autodesk Sketchbook is a popular drawing and sketching app available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can also use it on Windows or MacOS its a light weight software and supports multiple awesome features.

The app aims to target professionals and experts in sketching and drawing, by using this platform you can create illustration in less time. While on the other side it helps you to remain productive and cross platform compatibility adds a bit more spice to that. The simple interface along with powerful professional tools for drawing and painting gives a superior experience which you will not get with any other app especially on handheld devices.

Autodesk Sketchbook

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A core thing which every designer and creator love is the speed which the application offers while handling high resolution canvas i.e. 100mpx and this is really awesome. The interface is designed very carefully and the tools section auto hiding feature gives a highly distraction free drawing focused screen. You can also use the camera as a scanner which enables the users to hit on ideas on the go where you find anything amazing.

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Benefits when you work with Sketchbook

The icons on the tools box clearly communicate the purpose of tool and its become really an easy task for new person to start drawing concept art. When you open the app first time, the intro tour helps you to understand the essential functionalities to avoid time consuming self-learning process.

When you save your drawings after completing your sketching tasks, it lets you save your work in popular formats namely JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and more importantly PSD. What PSD? Oh Yes! This is it, this is most awesome feature which even exports groups, names, layers and each settings within it. We can later-on use that file for editing with PhotoShop or we can also import PSD files in Autodesk Sketchbook for editing.

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It provides all the essential tools which a professional require but more importantly all the things are designed in a way that the app helps to do things in relatively less time. The app aims to focus on sketching and drawing rather anything else and it even help a designer to pay attention to fine details. With desktop version you will get some extra features which a pro can dream to work more effectively and increase productivity. On the other side the Windows10 version is developed to cater the touch points and supports touchscreen inputs. While if you are looking for a sketching app for smartphones, then iOS and Android platforms are best to carry-on with your work while you are on the go.

Quick Overview of SketchBook


Sketchbook features

  1. Pencils
  2. camera Scanning
  3. Brushes Customization
  4. 100 mpx Canvas
  5. Multiple file format support
  6. Ellipse guides
  7. Copic color library
  8. Predictive stroke technology
  9. Line art import feature with transparent background

How to start using Sketchbook for Free?

Sketchbook is free for all since April 2018, before it was paid and users have to buy annual subscriptions to get full access to features. But now its open and free for all, just download the respective package and install it. Register an Autodesk ID at the official website and then sign-in with that in the software.

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