Here are some popular 3D modeling apps to sketch 3D designs

3D designing and modeling is now handy – with the help of 3D modeling apps for both iOS and Android devices. With the time portable items are going popular and the market is continuously growing to positive side. 3D modeling and designing is making its way in life of people while latest 3D modeling apps aim to provide convenience for smooth workflow.

A carefully drawn design is essential for awesome 3D printing, formerly most of the 3D modeling apps available on marketplaces offer only some fun rather a serious effort for professionals. But now there are some apps available which are seriously involved to cater the needs of a professional. A number of features must be supported with your device and most of the required features are available in an iOS device.

3D modeling apps

Best 3D modeling apps for sketching & drawing

To get a prefect design most of 3D designers use iPad as the big screen can portray a better graphics with fine details of every aspect. Beside to that people also use touchscreen devices like Microsoft Surface with full capable softwares like Solidworks and Fusion360.


 Shaper3d AppThe app aims professional users in terms of industrial designing or any other 3D or CAD designing project. Engineers or other professionals can also export or import projects from or to the desktop versions for a detailed editing or designing. The infrastructure is reliable with the help of a stable engine along with hefty features required by an expert. Download from Apple Store

O/S: iOS
License: Trial available but only up to 3 designs
Pricing: $19.99 per month

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Umake App

The good news is that the app is free to use and offers a unique way to design your 3D concept with more centric towards 2D design methods and then adding dimensions in it. Moreover, the app is perfect for concept design, visualization but its not good with professional 3D printing designs. uMake also supports design imports from 2D designing tools including Photoshop, Procreate and other popular platforms. Download from AppleStore

O/S: iOS
License: Free


AutoCAD App

You can make 3D designs with this application but if you are planning to use your designs for a 3D printer then it might not be a right choice. AutoCAD works fine for architecture or BIM concept designs. The app aims to cater the light work for editing or designing the basic version of professional designs then export to desktop version for detailed granular editing. You can make some 3D concepts with this app, but don’t mistake to make 3D modeling concepts for printing purpose.

O/S: iOS, Android, Windows
License: Free & Paid

Onshape 3D CAD

Onshape 3D CAD App

Onshape 3D is a professional application targeting engineers and others to create 3D concepts and designs on mobile platforms. Beside to designing it also offers online management tools to securely collaborate designs with your teams or access same design from multiple devices. You can also select permission levels for certain data or specific person.

O/S: Android, iOS
License: Free & Paid

Final Words:

The options above are some nice pick from wide pool of applications, the perfect choice varies with the needs of a person. A number of solutions are available to cater different needs for both mobiles and desktop devices. Some other popular apps for mobile platforms which we don’t mention in above list includes Luna Display, Putty 3D, and Sculptura.

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