Expense tracker apps helps you control your spending & in budget

Expense tracker apps really come handy when one is looking to track spending and save over time by keeping all your expenditures under control. These expense tracker apps can help to keep your spending within your budget, and save overload on your pocket during a grocery shopping trip.

All the apps we listed are free to use, however, some offer a premium version for high end features. Keeping a eye on your purchasing habits helps a lot to save money and a questioning habit on each expense i.e.

  • Is buying this item necessary?
  • Do I have any other cheap price for this item?
  • Is there any coupon available for this product?
  • Is there any cheap alternative for this item?

Expense tracker app

Helps a lot to move your expenditure on the positive side. Although a single purchasing with some extra spending will not affect you too much like an anniversary gift, however, a series of decisions with expensive shopping will certainly be heavy on your pocket. Lets take a look on some best expense tracking apps available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Best expense tracker apps for iOS and Android


Fudget App

A popular budgeting and expense tracking app which is used by more than 1 million people to save money and plan their activities. It provides a simple interface yet powerful features to meet the needs of a household budget. You can create multiple expense sheet then make graphs to summarize all your expenditures for analytical purposes. You can also setup password to secure up your things, can export sheets and can sync it with cloud.

Download for iOS or Android

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Spendee App

Another application with tons of features and options. It is carefully designed to best fit for every household budgeting needs. This finance manager application can also be used by students and adults. You can setup shared wallets which can be used by many people at the same time, a comprehensive home budget planner and manager is also available. Add multiple budgeting goals and stick with them, use multiple currencies when in travel, setup special events budgeting, tracking expenses at month end and much more features. In short it is the best option for people looking for in-depth analysis and controls available at the same platform.

Download for iOS or Android


Expensify App

This app can be used as business expense tracker and is best option for both employers and even employees. You can track receipts and manage expenses with built-in auto transcribe feature. You can categories multiple receipts, automatically approve or reimburse any business expense. Even it lets you segregate personal and business expenses. It is a perfect choice for business expense management, no matter you are a freelancer, small business or a fortune 500 company.

Download for iOS or Android

Money Lover

Money Lover App

Manage all your expense and receipts on one place with ease including credit cards, bills, bank accounts, receipts, and even cash. Scan your receipts, keep track of your routine incomes and expenses. Make budget and stick to it by keep tracking your real spending with the forecasted one. Secure your data by password or fingerprint, sync your bank or cards activities for auto listing in to your account. Some other features include debt and loan tracking, backup and cloud sync, reminders, transaction tags, multi-currency, and much more.

Download for iOS or Android


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