Which are best flash enabled browsers for iOS & Android

Flash enabled browsers for iOS and Android becomes essential when one is looking to play flash videos or play flash games. iPhone do not support flash inherently due its known weaknesses. However, there are times when a person needs to run flash in the browser on mobile devices. In such an event there are multiple flash browsers for iPhone, iPad or Android phone which can help you to load flash specific content.

The following iOS browsers allows you to access the flash content right from your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPod or iPad. You can use these browsers to play Facebook games, flash games or any other thing related with flash.

Flash browsers for iOS & Android

Top flash enabled browsers for iOS & Android Smartphones

1. Maxthon

Maxthon Browser

A free web browser available for multiple platforms including iOS and Android. The browser is able to load flash content from your mobile, along with multiple other features. One can easily use the Fetch feature to preload the webpage while doing other surfing. While some other prominent features include password manager, email manager, ad blocker and tabs sync by using My Cloud Tabs feature.

Download for iOS or Android

2. Brave Browser

Brave Browser App

An awesome gift for people looking to have a fast browser which can also block ads and play flash content. The built-in feature to fight against multiple tracking cookies helps you to keep your identity private. The browser focuses on providing a secure environment and data protection along with optimized battery usage.

Download for iOS or Android

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3. Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser App

It is a cloud based app, which first load the page in a cloud environment and then delivers it on your mobile. That’s why resource consuming content loads super fast on your mobile giving you the precise fast loading experience. The built-in flash feature helps to integrate multiple games and other content right on your mobile device. With visual gamepad and custom keyboard shortcut options helps you to setup a visual gamepad. Download straight to your G-Drive without incurring any cost to your data connection, Puffin will take care of that.

Download for iOS or Android

4. Photon

Photon App

It also supports flash on your mobile device, just tap on the “Lightning Bolt Icon” while you need to turn on the flash feature. You can enjoy the best performance of flash browser on iOS devices including iPhone and iPad with Photon. There are multiple other features also builtin to provide best user experience. You can play Facebook games, flash animation, play flash videos or music right away without the installation of Adobe Flash Player on your mobile. If you are using WiFi then the performance is awesome, however on 3G connection then you may face some performance issues. The browser is available in free and paid versions with some extra features for paid version.

Download for iOS or Android

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