Make free international calls from your phone with these apps

Free international calling apps are life saver for those making long distance calls on daily basis. Calling to foreign countries by using a phone carrier is usually very expensive business now a days. Therefore people are always looking for cheap options to make long distance international calling.

In most overseas developed countries one can easily find free WiFi hotspots to make messages, surf internet and even make VoIP calls. This can be helpful technique if your phone is not country locked and works well outside of your home land. Just connect to WiFi and use any of suitable apps below to connect with your friends or family for free.

Free international calling apps

Best free international calling apps for iOS & Android

1. Slack

Slack App

A popular platform where users can connect to each other collaborate with a number of tools to make business meetings. Consumers have access to both free and paid version, but the later is mostly used by businesses. The app primary targets the business entities however, its a great fit for personal use. The best feature of this app is that you can integrate many external applications with it to increase its usability.

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2. Discord

Discord App

The app is primary used by gamers for group chatting during a multiplayer mode. The app is free to use, however there are some in-app purchases including sticker packs, emoticons etc. Create groups and then organize them by using different channels. Either make calls to a huge group of participant or just to a single person privately. The mechanism works on VoIP basis rather a phone carrier calling.

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3. Google Duo

Google Duo App

A free calling and chatting app from Google. Just download and sideload the app on your smartphone then start making free international calls instantly. The next person must also be using Google Duo to make the calls, as this is the downside with most of free calling apps. You can make both video and voice calls to your contacts and just need an internet connection for that purpose.

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4. Vonage Mobile

Vonage Mobile App

It is a free app which lets the users to send texts, make voice and video calls to friends and family. There is no need to subscribe for the paid service i.e. Vonage home phone. Anyone can download the app and then you can contact your friends and family to share photos, text, voice call or even video chat with a group or in-private with one contact only.


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5. Tango

Tango App

It is another application which lets you to communicate with your friends no matter they use tango or not. Make voice or video calls to groups or individuals. Send text messages, video messages for free or share with multiple people. Record and then share your personal videos to any one within your contact list. It is an awesome app which even allows livestreams to create an online business by generating revenue on the basis of your fan base.

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