4 Most popular free music streaming apps everyone must have

Listening music in daily routine is a common practice in masses of our community. Free music apps for iOS or Android has helped a lot to cover the needs of a common man and open the way for legal music streaming. Piracy is an act of wrong doing, while these free music stream apps allows the consumer to listen and enjoy free music while letting the artist to earn a bit from their efforts.

The best free music streaming app is one which offers a variety or genres and huge library of content to pick and choose from. Here we have compiled a list of best music streaming apps for both iOS and Android platforms which you can consider;

Free music streaming apps

Top Free music apps for iOS and Android

1. Spotify

Spotify App

A renowned free music streaming name worldwide, with rock solid cross platform availability. With millions of songs, playlists it also offers a range of radio stations to enthusiast. To download the content for offline listening one must buy a subscription plan for $10 a month.The podcast feature lets you access the favorite shows right from your pocket and for free. It is big rival of Apple Music and is best alternative to it.

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2. Apple Music

Apple Music App

Now with over 30millions songs it came on to surface during 2015. The features and simple interface along with such a huge library with multiple paid plans manages to attract a huge user base and make it a hit. Fans can follow the artists and can see what they are up to. The service is available in many countries worldwide, and there is a special student package also at really cheap rate $4.99 a month.

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3. Pandora

Pandora Music App

Another well recognized name among music streaming apps. It have both free and paid versions with huge cross platform capabilities. Free Pandora experience only gives access to radio service where a user can skip songs and even give thumbs up or down to show your liking or dislike for a specific track. Another option which is paid i.e. $9.99per month lets you access to customize access to music streaming along with all the features one have with free plan.

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4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud AppAn extremely popular name and typically everyone around us has known about the name. People upload their stuff on the platform so that others can take advantage of it. The SoundCloud Go which is an on-demand service to let you access millions of songs and tracks. If you move to the paid version then the library size becomes so huge and you can get access to 150 million tracks. This is really a huge library size which is not offered by any other music streaming app. The paid version comes at $9.99 per month.

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