Some free group chatting apps can help you save time & money

Group chatting apps helps a lot when a person is in need to send a message to entire contact list or a group of people. Another thing is group video chatting which becomes an awesome feature for weekend family get together point by just using your smartphone. Each group chatting app has its own unique features to offer, to attract and expand its user base.

Group chat with voice and video calling support is available with most of the options listed below. All the apps are free to use, however, paid versions are also available for high-end users or commercial purposes. The list of top group chatting apps for iOS and Android offers group texting, video, and voice calling.

group chatting apps

Best free group chatting apps to consider in 2019

1. Skype


With cross platform support, the iOS and Android apps allows a user to send Instant Messages, Voice, and Video calling. You can also setup conference or group calls with up to 10 participants in free version. You can also send recorded voice messages but this feature is only available with latest OS on mobile devices.

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2. WhatsApp


A well known name and fast growing chatting app. The app is updated on regular bases and new features are available to users day by day. You can setup groups, then send text messages, images, share location, voice calls or even video calling. In addition to that you can also send Voice messages beside to text messaging feature.

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3. Viber

Viber App

Another free chatting application which was initially launched as a voice calling app, but later updated for video and conference calling features. Group chatting is not limited to texting and voice calling rather you can also enjoy it for video calling. The calling connections are encrypted, therefore, on can consider using it for any formal meeting purpose.

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4. GroupMe

Groupme App

Setup multiple chatting groups and assign contacts of your choice to each group. Share photos, videos, location and much more to each specific group. Like message from anyone and participants don’t require to have the same app they can simply use SMS for reply. Even you can send private message to single contact of any group by just tapping on avatar.

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5. BlackBerry Messenger

BBM Enterprise App

Initially BBM was exclusive to BlackBerry phones. But now the app is publicly available. Invite friends to a group, send images, files, texts, and share location easily. The group chatting feature allows you to connect with multiple friends or contacts at the same time. BBM Voice and BBM Video allows to make group voice or video calling.

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6. WeChat

Wechat-AppAnother popular chatting app for iOS and Android. It let the user send messages, photos, video messages in a group. Comment, share or like a photo or WeChat moments. Find new friends nearby, create groups and invite by sharing the QR Code. Add up to 40 contacts by using the Walkie Talkie feature.


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