Some free sports streaming apps to consider in 2019

Live sports streaming apps for iOS and Android smartphones are really a good news for enthusiasts and sports loving people. Football, cricket, basketball, wrestling and many other sports are quite popular among various communities of people. In such a case where you have no access to premium sports streaming some free sports streaming apps are life savior to enjoy the content legally.

With the following live sports streaming apps you can get access to latest updates, schedules, news, videos, photos and even live stream right from playground.

Best live sports streaming apps

Best live sports streaming apps for Android and iOS

1. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports App

A free app to keep track of your favorite sports team, get instant access to news, scores, stats, schedules and more. Read opinions and stories from experts, or setup an event specific alerts. Follow popular events related to NHL, NBA, NCAA, MLS, and more. Follow soccer league of your choice to keep tracks of latest developments and scores.

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2. CBS Sports

CBS Spots App

Another popular but free app to consider for live sports streaming. With a wide coverage on different genre you can get access to almost every sports event taking place worldwide. Get updates related to your favorite sport steam in the form of news, scores, and stats. You can also setup custom notifications to suit your needs. The app also allows to stream the content on TV by using Chromecast.

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3. theScore

theScore App

An awesome app with great user interface and dark theme. The app brings live coverage to all major sports including football, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, MMA and list continues. Setup push notifications for your favorite sports to get instant alerts. Enjoy chatting with community having interest in same game, or setup your own group with private friends or family members.

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4. Eurosport

Eurosports App

Get access to live scores, news, and expert analysis over a specific event. The sports calendar helps to determine all the coming events. From the simple interface you can get access to content covering every single event from these playgrounds tennis, football, cycling, and F1 races. In addition to all above you can get highlights from various other games including rugby, handball, ice hockey, alpine skiing, snooker and more.

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5. Livestream

LiveStream App

A free app where anyone can explore, search for live content or can stream his own content. Follow any person to get notifications when they go live, watch content streaming on tablet, phone or even stream on TV via Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV. With this app the streamers can also stream content from their phone or tablet to their fan base over Facebook, Twitter, or any other website.

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As one of the popular sports channel the free app is also one of best sports streaming app for both iOS and Android users. Get access to live events from ESPN+ or watch exclusive shows right from your mobile or stream to your TV. You can also listen to ESPN Radio for live commentaries. No limits to possibilities get access to highlights, news, live scores from football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and cricket events worldwide while the sports list continues but we will keep it short.

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