OCR scanner apps are best when looking to extract text from a document

OCR scanner apps are just recent development of technological warfare, this technology helps to convert your documents or images to text file. The simple documents scanning apps do the basic job, but the OCR take all the things to one step forward.

There are a number of OCR apps available for both iOS and Android devices therefore, we have listed some of the best options below to help you save your time and efforts. After installing any of OCR scanning app, you just need to scan a document and wait a few seconds. Shortly, you will get a text document, this feature is really help full for multiple purposes like a student wants to create notes in to text document for editing.

OCR scanning apps

Best OCR scanner apps for both iOS and Android

1. Office Lens

Office Lens App

An app from Microsoft, which let a user scan, trim and even edit the scan of any document, business card or white board. In OCR mode it can convert images to editable word and PowerPoint files with automatic word recognization algorithm you can even search for specific text or word. The whiteboard mode even removes glares and shades and this is awesome feature especially for students.

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2. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan App

An other name comes from a trustworthy brand “Adobe” and renowned for PDF and document. This app lets a user to scan any document with OCR support. You can convert images in to files and it also supports Microsoft Office format so that consumer can edit and save in required format. You can do the job on the fly, however, its iOS version needs a payment plan ($9.99) if you want to export documents as PDF.

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3. Scan Bot

Scan Bot App

Another popular app with multiple features and great user interface. With multiple themes you can customize the look and feel of the application. It can scan images and PDF also, then convert it to text files as most OCR app do. You can customize the look and feel of the final document by using multiple filters. You can save the documents on cloud but there are some other options also.

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4. OCR Scanner with LEADTOOLS SDK


Another app available for both iOS and Android platforms to convert images in to text documents. This app can convert a file in to a number of formats including PDF, DOCX, Text and more. Multiple customization options are available to tweak the result according to your suitability. Even with this app you can scan a selected area on the image and leave the remaining area.

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5. CamScanner


It is another popular product which can do the job for OCR scanning, however there are also other features like converting into PDF or any other available format. Edit, share, or fax documents, store it either in cloud or save locally. Some other features include password protection, watermark and signature. If looking to use the app for commercial purposes then you can buy PRO version for premium features and ads removal.

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