How offline file sharing can be done with free file sharing apps

Offline file sharing apps let you transfer files without using WiFi connection. Now send large files offline for free and forget data charges. Most often offline file sharing is done by using bluetooth connection during our daily life. However, if files are large enough say more than 20MB then it would be a time taking task of transfer. Typically, file sharing over bluetooth requires pairing of devices at first step. At next one starts looking for required file and send it to required person.

This method works fine with scenarios where there is small files to send over. Contrary the transfer time are so long that a person cannot wait for hours. On the other side WiFi file sharing apps do the job quite efficiently and there are many popular file sharing apps available which transfer via internet.

offline file sharing apps

But the thing is what to do when you don’t have an internet access and you are on the go. In such a situation there are some reasonable options to work out for under such circumstances. Here are some of available options to go for with your smartphones.

Free offline file sharing apps for iOS and Android

Although there are some other ways also including email or file upload via any other online medium but all such options have some restriction in one or another way. Fortunately, there are some apps available for both iOS and Android platforms to do the tasks carefully.

How to use Shareit for offline file sharing

Shareit AppShareit uses WiFi Direct technology to share files between devices, there is no need to connect your devices to internet or WiFi access point. WiFi Direct feature allows quick file transfer with secure techniques to avoid any file corrupt or data loss issue.

Start the process by downloading the application first, then you will need to launch the application and complete the initial intro of features. Next you will be asked to create an account, there will be no need to access internet for that purpose.

Once the configuration is done, now file sharing can be initiated with the help of send or receive button. When you click on the ‘Send button’ you have to select the file to send after creating a local network with receiving device.

On the other side, the second device must tap on the ‘Receive button’ to connect to local network and start receiving file. With such a great technology of file sharing transfer of large files is just like a piece of cake especially for dummies.

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Other offline file sharing apps for iOS and Android



Another popular file sharing app available for multiple platforms including Android and iOS. It also works on the same principle as Shareit. Zapya is free to use platform which also allows offline file sharing between devices using same SoftAP technology (WiFi Direct).


Download from Play Store or iTunes


Xender App

One of best option available in the file sharing apps market, this application conquers the users due to its simple design and interface with hefty features. It is also available for multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows etc. You can transfer files without internet access from mobile to mobile and mobile to PC also. The phone replicate feature allows complete data migration while changing devices which is awesome feature.

Download from iTunes or Play Store

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere App

Same as above this is also among famous file sharing application, while serving multiple features which are essential for a user. Both offline and online file sharing modes are available for users, with simple yet compelling interface Offline file sharing uses same WiFi Direct technology and uses six-digit key or QR code for local network authentication.

Download from Play Store or iTunes

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