Offline messaging apps can really help when you have no network

Offline messaging apps help a user to connect in times of emergency without internet connectivity. This new technology aims to help the community to transmit their messages when they no network coverage. Most of the offline msg apps transmits the data over Bluetooth and peers of WiFi signals from nearby devices.

Below one can find a complete list of offline messaging apps which are able to deliver messages without WiFi or data connectivity.

offline messaging apps

Best offline messaging apps 2019

1. Bridgefy

Bridgefy App

A popular offline messaging app which offers multiple features for offline texting. All the communication is encrypted and secure, you can send messages offline within a radius of 230ft just by using the Bluetooth mode. On the other side Mesh-Mode can transmit your message using the peer-peer technology and making a network with other available people.

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2. Hike Sticker Chat

Hike Sticker Chat

Hike messenger is another popular app where the prime feature is to communicate by using a sticker to express your emotions. The app offers tons of features and offline texting is one of those, you can also password protect your private chats or can group up all chats under same password. If there is no internet connectivity it can deliver message to recipient within 100 meters by using bluetooth. On the other side if next person also don’t have an internet connectivity, then it will send an SMS automatically.

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3. GroupMe

Groupme App

A renowned name in group chatting apps as a free source of connecting to your friends and family. Cross platform chat support is available, communicate either over iOS, Android or over desktop from the official website. You can setup custom categories of notifications to block or allow from specific categories. Offline messaging option is also available where the app uses SMS as a medium to transmit your message. This feature is available in US only and standard SMS fee may be charged.

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4. Firechat

Firechat app

An exclusive offline messaging app which uses Bluetooth and peer-to-peer WiFi to transmit data. The basic idea is to bounce the data from nearby available devices from one to another until it reaches the recipient. The larger the network of FireChat users the higher will be reach of the network in the world. By using Bluetooth it can reach the recipient within a radius of 210 feet.

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5. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS App

Another cross platform offline texting app which let the users to connect through various devices. You can password protect your messages with the help of built-in feature and secure up your private chats. Setup automatic replies during your vacations or driving times. You can also block spam messages to filter any unwanted content. It also allows to share GIFs through external integration of GIPHY which is an awesome feature.

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