These QR code scanner apps can help a lot during grocery shopping

QR code scanner apps helps a user to scan a code and decode the values programmed in to that piece of printing. Typically, a camera is not programmed to identify and decode a QR code or a bar code, however both of these technologies are widely used to simplify multiple things.

Therefore, keeping in view the usability and demand a number of QR scanning apps are available on both iOS and Android app stores. You just need to download and install the applications on your smartphone and launch it to start reading QR code with your mobile phone simply.

QR code scanning apps

Best QR code scanner apps

1. Kaspersky’s QR Scanner

Kasperskys QR Scanner App

One of best QR scanner option available on the app stores, where the prime attractive thing is that it protects you against any malware or virus link associated with QR code. This is very important to protect the users against any potential malware or phishing attacks. You can share the codes by using copy feature. Moreover, it lets you open the QR code content by using built-in browser, however the process takes a little more time as the app needs to scan the embedded content to ensure trustability.

Download for iOS or Android

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2. Bar-Code

Bar-Code App

This app supports multiple types of code scanning including QR code and various bar code types. With bar code app you can just scan the QR code and it don’t let you view the contents. As you open the app, it asks you to start scanning a code and in result turn-on the camera. After that you will get a code on next screen, you can save it in app. Then click on the option ‘search last barcode on internet’ this will lead you to the destination content.

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3. NEOReader

NeoReader App

A nice option to scan QR codes on your smartphone, just open the app and use main menu to start scanning quickly. You can save the scanned code, share it on multiple platforms or can instantly view the content on browser. It is a good option when anyone is looking to scan and read the content of a QR code.

Download for iOS or Android

4. I-nigma

Inigma App

It is basically a free QR reader, however it can also scan various types of bar codes. Just open the app and use the camera to scan the code. Save it for later use, share it, or view the content right away. Browse the history of code scanning and compare different prices in a snap. The app works perfectly with just a simple interface but making all the important features possible.

Download for iOS or Android

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