These are book reading apps which every eReader must try

Popular book reading apps offer different types of features and with such huge variety of options hunting for a perfect fit can be a difficult task. Therefore our list for ebook reading apps for iOS and Android helps a user to instantly look for required feature and then download the book reading app which is suitable.

book reading apps

Popular reading apps for Android & iOS

1. Google Play Books

Google Play Books App

It is virtual book store, the books selection covers a wide range of genre including magazines, novels, scholarly articles and much more. The app is free to use, but some books are paid by their authors or by publisher. It allows you to upload your ebooks to cloud storage then read it anywhere when have internet access. Some cool features of this app includes books rental, quick bookmark, various reading formats and much more.

Download from Play Store or App Store

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2. Nook

Nook App

An ebook reading app from Barnes&Noble although this is also a virtual bookstore but infact they do also own physical book stores across multiple locations under parent company name i.e. Barnes&Noble. Like other major ebook reading apps it also offers cross device sync, support for multiple ebooks, comics, magazines, newspapers etc.

Download from Play Store or App Store

3. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader App

Its one of editor’s choice book reading app available in the market. It supports various types of ebooks and comic books formats. It also supports device sync via Dropbox, moreover, auto scrolling and various reading themes along many other features makes it a perfect choice. This is why it successfully makes its place in this list.

Download from Play Store

4. Kobo Books

Kobo Book App

It is really a basic book reading application, but the good thing is that it supports audiobooks also. The cross device sync, night mode, and downloading for offline use are some attractive points of this app. You can search for various books, however, you may have to pay for books before you actually read them in the application.

Download from Play Store or App Store

5. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle App

One of renowned book reading app on the market with largest book collection available in the virtual store. With multiple features and user friendly interface it successfully managed to attract a huge user base. Home interface may contain ads sometime but book reading is free from ads. Various customization options are available to enhance the reading experience according to your suitability. A large library for free books is also available, beside to that you can also download books for offline reading.

Download from Play Store or App Store

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