Which is most effective voice changer for discord

Discord is most popular chatting platform for gamers and other groups. Are you looking for voice changer apps for discord recently, then you are at right place today we will discuss about that. If you ever used Discord, then you may know that a large number of people use voice changers for Discord when chatting on the platform.

Voice changing apps for Discord are handy tools for privacy reasons, although some people also use it for fun. Below are some best options if you are looking to change your voice at Discord.

Voice changer for discord

Best Voice Changer for Discord 2019

MorphVox Jr

MorphVox Jr AppIt is free tool, with best voice changing effects. With MorphVox you can convert your voice in to many available formats including women, men, robot and more. However one draw back is that you may see ads in the interface and it will take some time to setup properly. Even you can use MorhpVox with any other calling or chatting service and for me its an awesome feature.

Download Morph Vox Jr


VoiceMod AppMost popular voice changer for Discord, with simple interface and multiple voice changing options it is hit. There are hundreds of voice modes from which you can use and the best thing is that it sounds more real than any other product available in market. You can install the app and try it now, beside to Discord you can also use it for any other purpose. This is a paid app ($14.99) but fortunately there is a free trial which is also available.

Download VoiceMod

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Clownfish AppAnother application to change voice on Discord, it is a system level app that’s why it will work perfectly with any chatting platform. Basically it takes over the microphone usage, so every voice through microphone will move through ClownFish and in turn you will get modified voice. It is a free app and offers few voice changing options namely male, female, baby, robot, radio, Atari and few others.

Download ClownFish

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer AppAnother Discord voice changer but it is paid service however, one can also use free trial. It is real time voice changer and there will be no lag between your voice. When using Voxal Voice you can also record your voice in real time. Another unique feature is that you can change voice for already recorded audio files. Similar to other voice changing apps, Voxal Voice also works with all chatting apps. There are a number of effects which includes Alien, boy, girl, robot, and much more.

Download Voxal Voice Changer

Wrapping Up

I have listed few best voice changer for Discord out of many available in the market, you can give your opinion about the products in the comments below. If you like any option share what was the best feature in that app to compel you download and use it. Personally I like Clownfish voice changer because it is free and give multiple customization.

However, in paid versions I like Voicemod as the quality of voice is unbeatable and no one can detect that you are using any type of voice changing service. You can download the Discord voice changing apps from the download links I have provided they are all official websites who develop and own the softwares.

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