Best gym workout apps that can help to save on club membership costs

Gym workout apps for Android or iOS can even let a user to avoid the expensive fitness membership fees completely with the help of expert tutorials and tips to make your body fit. Workout log apps help you to log every gym activity to keep you on the right track but sometimes a bad app can even disguise you from the right path.

A smartphone can be your helpful companion during a workout plan no matter either you are planning to lose some extras or just want to be more active in your life. Most of the gym workout apps we have in out list, not only provides expert instructions but also offers workout data tracking. No matter what type of activity or exercise you are going through below suggestions for workout fitness applications will help to keep up with your goals.

gym workout apps

Top gym workout apps for iOS and Android

1. Strong

Strong App

The app is free and offers a variety of tools which are essential for workout tracking or logging. A huge database of different exercises and to enter your sets data for each activity you are doing. Add your routines and enjoy the animated video instructions for workout of your choice. Record your breaks with auto countdown timer. Track your weight and use the Plate calculator to manage your diet. Sync the data with cloud storage, share your performance or routines with friends.

Download for iOS or Android

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2. Workit

Workit App

This app helps you to get in shape and track your workout. There are dozens of programs to start with, you will see your progress from exercise graphs. The workout logs keep track of your weight, calories burnt, and more. You can track your performance and progress for each activity. Workit also let the user to keep track of cardio sessions, the personal training helps a lot with animations to both gym workouts and home workouts. No matter you are planning to lose weight or build muscles this is the perfect fit as your fitness trainer.

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3. Strava

Strava App

Beside to the above complex suggestions, here is a simple workout tracking app for those looking to simply track running or cycling. It can record your running speed, distance your covered, and the time you spent during your activity. In depth analysis, leaderboards are also available for achievements and challenges. You can also buy a premium version for enhanced features and detailed analytics.

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Other Workout Apps to Consider

If you are not satisfied with the above options and continue looking for some other alternatives to find best gym workout apps then you can consider some other options as listed below.

  1. Sworkit
  2. Johnson & Johnson
  3. Seven
  4. Freeletics

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